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Things that are forbidden during a flight journey

Traveling involves a lot of pre-planning. It includes a lot of stress. The booking of tickets, the unending security checks in the airport, the booking of hotels, etc.  Sometimes we do certain activities or carry certain unnecessary things that are prohibited in a flight. This doubles our stress level.  Are you wondering what those don’ts of a flight journey are? Here is a list of things that are forbidden in a flight journey.

Don’t book your tickets on the counter

It is completely unnecessary to book your flights on the ticket counter. Say you want to travel by Hyderabad to Delhi flights. You can always book your Hyderabad to Delhi flights online. Online booking is less expensive as well as hassle-free. You need not stand in the never-ending lines in front of the counter.  You can sit in your favourite couch at home and book your tickets online.

Opt out Tea or coffee

Caffeine usually dehydrates you. Therefore it is advisable not to have coffee or tea during your flight journey. Instead, you can go for water or fruit juices that will keep you hydrated all the time.

Sleeping during take-off and landing

When a flight takes off or …